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My pregnancy marks are my baby’s first drawing and I wear them with pride!

I have had a healthy pregnancy just the breach baby in the last trimester lead to an early delivery at 39th month. I used great products as suggested by my gynecologist and the entire time I took great care of my body that I and my baby lived in by drinking plenty of water, juices and never stayed dehydrated. I used the best available oils and creams by all means. My belly was soft no pigmentation or no sign of any silver lining. I always thought I am inheriting the same flawless skin type from my mother who never had a single stretch mark post three kids. Gyni also suggested that this way, my skin might be stretch marks free.

I avoided coffee, alcohol was out of the question and always did best. I wore comfortable loose clothing all these months. I ate salads, less oily and less spicy food and I closed my eyes and controlled emotions when it came to the delicious street food of Delhi.

Then came the day. A C-section was announced. With this, the delivery date was decided and the pregnancy came to an end. So, did the big belly. A big 30-minute operation later, a lot of stitches later, a week after I could actually felt my belly which had some visible silverish lines and was bumpy on touching. I never thought that even after all these precautions and care I would get them. Anyways, after my stitches healed completely and after losing a few extra pounds off, I saw that these lines were like the tigress’s stripes. I just fell in love with them. It was associated with my newborn, who got all the care and nourishment while she was growing. I realized that these marks are the first drawing made by my child and there would be much more on my house walls and on a few canvases too. She is now a preschooler and since we co-sleep, she loves touching them and calls them hers. She touches them like its soothing her and she sleeps calmly. There is indeed a link between the fetus and the new born’s brain. They know the touch of their mother’s. These marks prove that a miracle has happened and these marks are the result of such a big achievement- motherhood. The Diagonal or vertical mark on the belly after the Cesarian operation and those appearing after the delivery are worth treasuring for a lifetime.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and to all the expecting mothers, even if you get the pregnancy marks, don’t worry, love your own skin!


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