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The promise he made her. A short story

Jiya was packing her suitcase. She put her favourite dresses that she never wore before. She remembered how excited she was when she bought them 8 years ago. But, the excitement faded over these years and in some knnown hope,… Continue Reading →

Women and their image in Society, When help is handy.

It is interesting to know that a lot of women do not know when to opt for image counseling. People contact the image consultants when they feel they need to change something about themselves. It is usually their appearance (look… Continue Reading →

I have found my way to wellness, Have you?

After using them for some time now, I feel the radical change in myself, and they way i-feel. Do you want to know what is it? Read on. Just when I realized that I am soon going to cross the… Continue Reading →

DIY Decorative Pots – Activity this Ramadan with your kids

This Ramadan, decorate your house all by yourself with the help of your kids. Exceptionally with just a few things (almost no cost) and a lot of love. This easy Do- It- Yourself activity is for creating the masterpieces which… Continue Reading →

The joy in small things

The new things we buy for her, considering her taste in fashion, her own choices, sure just bring her an unseen joy. I see my little child growing in front of my eyes gradually, beautifully. Then, I try to find… Continue Reading →

When I woke up as my toddler

I am still sleepy. Where is my mummy? I want to do some kicking. I want to pee. Oh, what a relief. My diaper feels full. I want to kick my legs. I want my mommy to snuggle with me…. Continue Reading →

#SheNeedsLoveToo The Unseen Bond Called Humanity

I was busy planning for my wedding day. I took my mother along for the big fat wedding’s shopping. I knew she would be a wonderful companion and advisor. I love her choices. So, we went on a spree. We… Continue Reading →

Do you eat in the toilet? So, How can you breastfeed your baby there?

Another problem lies with breastfeeding is mom shaming. The mother who is determined to feed the baby but is controlled by her own morals, and pressured by her own partner. She wants to just feed the hungry baby. For mothers… Continue Reading →

Palmer’s Magic

Palmer’s – A name I first heard when I came to Dubai. I saw the products in many big supermarket shelves displayed and it always attracted me. I was very skeptical to use any new product after having some bad… Continue Reading →

Do you know what does having a child mean 😈

The craziness doubles after a child come into the picture. The late night parties convert into late night feedings, burping and cleaning the bums. The mother’s dress code changes from smart casual to the distressed feeding loose tops. The fast… Continue Reading →

A Better Florist – Dubai’s Best Florist

Flower shopping is something we do whenever we have a special occasion, event, and when we celebrate something. We also love to decorate our homes with beautiful, fresh flowers, but wouldn’t it be a dream to have only one florist… Continue Reading →

Most Shocking Reasons for UTI In Women

When one in every three women faces bladder infection issues without any knowledge of them having it, this becomes a point of concern. Women’s feminine parts are vulnerable. It needs special attention just like any other important part of the… Continue Reading →

My pregnancy marks are my baby’s first drawing and I wear them with pride!

I have had a healthy pregnancy just the breach baby in the last trimester lead to an early delivery at 39th month. I used great products as suggested by my gynecologist and the entire time I took great care of… Continue Reading →

Top 10 essential Breastfeeding tips for first time mothers

Well, look at that cute face. The newborn that you are holding wants just her mother and only mother knows the best so rest all depends on the mother how she takes it forward. The newborn need is primarily and… Continue Reading →

From Delhi to Dubai- My Journey

We never thought that we will live outside our country ever. Even after I got married, the concentration was mostly on earning the daily bread and butter and just surviving somehow. My husband had a bike at that time, and… Continue Reading →

Teenage – when everyone is good except the parents

The age of innocence is practically over. On the verge of adolescence, the teenager might be in their own world. Light years apart from the reality. While everything seems like a piece of cake and a joyride, many invite unwanted… Continue Reading →

Becoming a parent is an important step in life!! How easy would the life be if you could serenely enjoy your pregnancy and welcome your baby with that peace of mind? Introducing- The parenting Treasure Trove from the North: a wonderful… Continue Reading →

She thought she was dying !

This is a story of fiction, focussing on the need for the right information about those 5 days. Nita is a 12-year-old girl hitting puberty anytime soon. She is an orphan! The family that has adopted her consists of a… Continue Reading →

What do you keep at your bedside? A book or phone?

This indeed is the 21st Century, the age of gadgets. Each one has a phone, fingers scrolling down the screens, for hours without a care of the people sitting next to them. This is you, me, us and everyone. We… Continue Reading →

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