Cooking can be fun and also a horror when the kitchen is uncomfortable to work in. There are a lot of reasons that can make your kitchen uncomfortable when cooking and one of these reasons is having a smoky kitchen. Sometimes it looks like the need of a range hood isn’t essential until you use one and love the experience.

In this post, we will be discussing reasons why you need a range hood over your gas cooker and also how to care for your range hood.

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Reasons Why You Need A Range Hood


One of the essential functions of a range hood is to remove toxic and unwanted fumes in the kitchen. This feature can make cooking a wonderful experience because you don’t have to worry about the neighbors smelling what you are cooking or trying to open other windows in the house to allow air to circulate properly. The range hood helps to ventilate, eliminate odors and also traps in grease.

Better Lighting

Most range hoods now come with a lighting system including LED to help you see properly when cooking. A range hood is not just for big houses but small houses can use it to light up the kitchen properly. The lights in the range hood are also replaceable so you can increase the light intensity by changing the bulb.

Excess heat

All the excess heat from cooking goes through the range hood because it has a vacuum fan system which helps to suck out unwanted heat, this makes very convenient.

Cooking Comfort

The stuffiness and heat are eliminated from the kitchen with the use of a range hood. This enables you to focus on the things that are meant to be done in the kitchen.

Health Reasons

Airborne grease mold and bacteria thrive well in kitchens that are not properly ventilated especially where cooking takes place. The range hood helps to prevent a breeding space for molds and bacteria which will give you a wonderful cooking experience.

Now that we know why we should have a range hood in our kitchens, it’s time for us to discuss how to care for it. But before we go into that, here are some other resources that review the best range hoods for your home:

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How To Care For Your Range Hood

A range hood can be a place where oil and grease can be hidden especially when range hood filters are not being replaced or cleaned. For a home kitchen, a range hood should be cleaned at least once every month because the longer the space between each cleaning, the harder it is to remove the grease and dirt on it. Here’s the step by step process for cleaning your own device.

  1. Turn off your range hood
  2. Remove the filter.
  3. Replace the filter if it is made up of cloth or charcoal but if the filter is made from aluminum it can be washed clean
  4. Use warm soapy water with a soft sponge to clean the body and also the inside of the range hood
  5. If the inner part of the range hood is tough to clean, just put a pot of water on your range and boil for about 30 minutes, also, keep refilling the pot as the water reduces. The steam from the water will be able to soften any grease left. Note this is done without the filter.
  6. Wipe the filter clean and dry
  7. Replace the filter appropriately.

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