If you are pregnant, then it is vital to take care of your diet which should be healthy and
nutritious. It should not contain any such ingredient which can harm your baby. You need to
also think about what you should drink. If you drink alcohol, then you are possibly giving harm to
your baby.

Whether you are pregnant or even planning how to get pregnant, drinking alcohol is one of
the biggest harm for your baby. According to the experts, there is no safe limit for drinking
alcohol during pregnancy. Therefore, it is good if you stop drinking alcohol immediately
from the day one of your pregnancy.

Side-effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy

When you drink alcohol, it passes through your blood and reaches to the placenta. This can
damage the neurological development of your unborn baby and the other physical growth too.
It can also lead to miscarriage or premature birth and vaginal bleeding. In addition, if you are
planning how to get pregnant then conceiving can be a difficult task for your body.”

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Tips to avoid alcohol during pregnancy 

It is hard to stop drinking when you are habitual of it. However, when it comes to the
motherhood, your baby should be your priority. When you are feeling tempted to drink, you
may try the following tips:-


 Try having fresh fruit juice.
 Distract yourself and concentrate in your favorite hobby.
 Move out from the area where the alcohol is being served. Or better avoid visiting
such places if it is not that important.
 If someone offers you, politely refuse it.
 Talk to your doctor about the best possible way to avoid drinking alcohol.

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It may happen that you might have drunk before knowing that you are pregnant. In this case,
talk to your doctor and get your blood tested and go for the prescribed prenatal scan and tests
to rule out any complications. Healthy living and lifestyle lead to a healthy pregnancy which results in a healthy baby.
Therefore, get yourself adhered to a healthy lifestyle. You can practice yoga and meditation for
coming out of your addiction to alcohol. Remember, drinking alcohol was never been safe to
a humankind. It is associated with multiple threats to the life. So, stop drinking alcohol and
lead a happy and peaceful life. Moreover, when you are pregnant, it is good to have a calm
and stress-free life because exertion is not good during pregnancy.

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