The hands free mommy

Always have I wondered what would it be like to have an extra pair of hands or just get something hands free? My motherly woes would diminish. My life would get sorted. A simple thought, but has deep meaning to… Continue Reading →

Pizza Di Rocco – The Best Italian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi for Health Conscious Foodies

As a foodie and an ex-hotelier, I always crave for the authentic food and I do love to write about it when I find one. Just on my birthday, it simply suited my taste. Pizza Di Rocco is one of… Continue Reading →

Best Ways To Soothe The Baby Who Got Colic

After every feed, my infant would sleep easily. Happy tummy happy baby. But, as my little one suffered from colic a few times, she literally gave me some sleepless nights. Hearing her cry whole time for no particular reason. I tried… Continue Reading →

Kazbegi Georgia’s Heaven

My Family Travel to Georgia started from Sharjah airport in June using Air Arabia’s call center technology, which landed us a great holiday deal. Much better than the website. We had even got our travel Insurance through them which is mandatory to… Continue Reading →

Packing for Labour and Delivery- What is in my hospital Bag? From an Experienced Mom

I had spent 7 days in the hospital for delivery and postpartum care and trust me, these things are a lifesaver if already in the bag. So, packing as per the hospital bag list is so so important. The experienced Emergency Cesarean… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons why your baby deserves Water wipes by Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh, India’s leading wipes Brand, has recently launched premium 99% Water based Baby Wipes in a thick medical grade cloth. Mother Sparsh Premium 99% WaterWipes have been carefully designed to be gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. They are the only… Continue Reading →

Stretch Marks ‘NO MORE’ With Palmer’s Firming Lotion and Bust Cream

The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. The to be mother looks after her prenatal vitamins and other supplements and is supposed to keep herself hydrated so that skin’s elasticity is less disturbed. Some get through the phase quite flawlessly… Continue Reading →

Much more than just a play space – Pop In and Play

Welcome to the new era of kids play. A new space that has recently launched in the heart and commercial hub of Abu Dhabi’s famous WTC The Mall, has a completely creative concept that allows kids to explore more, but… Continue Reading →

Becoming #FirstTimeMom is always special with Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes

Being a first-time mom is so special that the feeling is much beyond as can be expressed in words… But today I am going to open my heart to you all as I was so not keen to see my… Continue Reading →

A shoulder ride from the best family vacation spots in Georgia

Didn’t I just want to stay lost? Didn’t I have plans to stay like that forever? I was in a strange and untypical place which one only see in movies. No travel sites can show them. It was that beautiful.  Travel… Continue Reading →

This will change the way you look at the baby wipes

My child was born premature and underweight, in the cold Indian December. She was initially raised by just me. All by myself. Her entire responsibility was mine. Infants have a strange sleeping pattern too. This means new mothers have to… Continue Reading →

Surprising facts why boys want to play with dolls

There is a perceived notion that boys do not go with pink color, they do not clean the house, they do not cook, and they do not play with dolls. All believe that boys are masculine and not feminine. Boys… Continue Reading →

Best Modern Gift Ideas For Baby Shower : A must read before you buy anything

Whenever we are invited to a baby shower, the first thing that crosses the mind is a baby shower gift. We care for the mother-to-be and we want to give her the best present. We try to think hard to… Continue Reading →

20 Tips for flying with kids to keep you (and them) happy and relaxed

I have flown a lot. Especially after moving to Dubai. I got my priceless princess (Little One) here only. This means the travel would not be easy for her traveling with me for many reasons. As kids do behave unexpectedly… Continue Reading →

Make money with a florist business

A florist business is highly profitable, especially in the right hands. You can do so much and spend so little to start one and make it big. If you are worried about where to get the capital, you do not… Continue Reading →

The Last Straw: Will You Change The World With Me?

There are two types of people in the world, The first one who cares about the environmental issues and the second type is completely ignorant about this. My child who loves pretends game pulled out the beach chair in front of… Continue Reading →

Dubai Frame- Enter The Time Machine Of UAE

If you are reading this, it means you have reached a page where all the information related to Dubai Frame is available. So, after we moved to Abu Dhabi, we got super nostalgic about Dubai. We started missing our old… Continue Reading →

Why Flowers are Significant on Christmas ?

One of the traditional ways for people to celebrate Christmas is sending flowers to their loved ones. With different types of flowers in stunning colors, for sure you can make your special someone happy. Your gift shouldn’t be that expensive… Continue Reading →

13 Reasons why children should be involved in Gardening

All my life, I have seen how my mother kept her balcony so lush green with the natural plants and flower garden. Even though she worked a full time job, she never quit what she loved the most. Gardening. Oh… Continue Reading →

Flame test – Are you sure your baby product is safe?

My younger sister called me. She was confused and panicked. I could sense something was not right. She said that her daughter got severe rashes after she used the wipes a day before. In no time I found out that… Continue Reading →

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